As of April 2010, the Wittelsbach ceased to exist. Upon the recutting of this historic diamond by owner Lawrence Graff, the diamond lost four carats and gained a new name (the Wittelsbach-Graff diamond). However, you can turn back time and add the original Wittelsbach to your collection with a stunning cubic zirconia replica from The Stonecutter.


Wittelsbach Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
35.56 carats
64.15 carats
24.44 x 21.69 x 8.72 mm
Early 1600’s
Private ownership

Wittelsbach Diamond History

The Wittelsbach diamond’s documented history begins in 1650, when records indicate the stone was exported to Europe and cut. It was purchased by King Philip IV of Spain in 1664 and given to his 15-year-old daughter upon her engagement to Emperor Leopold I of Austria.

The Wittelsbach was lost sometime in the early 20th century but turned up in 1962, recognized by Belgian gem cutter Joseph Komkommer who was asked by its current owner to recut it into a more modern style. Komkommer refused and formed a consortium to purchase the diamond to preserve it. Komkommer’s efforts were successful until 2008, at which time the Wittelsbach was sold by Christie’s to a private owner who has since had the stone recut, slicing away four carats and more than 350 years’ worth of told and untold stories.

Owning the Wittelsbach Diamond as It Was

The recutting and renaming of the Wittelsbach is considered by some as an act of historic vandalism. Yet the original stone can be recovered in a sense with a museum-quality replica of the Wittelsbach as it was prior to 2010. Order your replica online, and contact The Stonecutter for jeweler recommendations to set the piece.

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