After seeing Scott’s work online I was thrilled when he agreed to let us use many of his replicas for The Sisk Gemology Reference. When they arrived and I was able to hold them in hand, they exceeded all expectations. Our project would not have been complete without them. Scotts replicas afford an opportunity to experience, in hand, the beauty and style of these otherwise unobtainable treasures. He was a pleasure to work with and my only regret was that we didn’t have the opportunity to use them all!

Christopher Clark GG, FGA, ASG, Jewelry Television, Co-Editor of The Sisk Gemology Reference, Knoxville TN

Scott’s diamond replicas for the production and the filming of a National Geographic program greatly helped to prove that the Hope diamond was cut from the Blue Diamond of Louis the 14th (French Blue diamond) !!! This is huge! His replicas were not only gorgeous, but to hold such pieces of history . . . Plus, it was a pleasure to work with him.

Diane Riethof, Gedeon Programmes, Production Manager, Paris, France

Scotts attention to detail, customer focus, and historical accuracy in his work is second to none. His creations are only for the those with discriminating taste. You can be sure you are getting top quality and more importantly, a brilliant and unique work of art in every stone he cuts. These replicas are true to form and are hard to tell from the real thing. A piece of history and a story in every gem!

Mary Prosek, Elmhurst, IL

Scott was kind enough to lend me his historic copy of the Koh-i-Noor diamond for use in my film The Last King. The replica was breathtaking! I would strongly recommend his work to anyone that demands historical accuracy combined with that special bling.

Steve Nijjar, Owner, Titan Films, Ontario, Canada

I have known Scott for several years and have displayed his collection of famous replica’s in my store. I have also worked back end with him and advanced scanning technologies that helped identify some famous jewels histories. He is an amazing guy and I hope he can discover more secrets and histories of famous gems.

Garry Holloway, Melbourne, Australia

A few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting Scott Sucher during the shooting of a National Geographic program about the blue diamond of Louis XIV, a diamond whose extraordinary history has gone through the centuries. For this shooting, Scott had the heavy task of making a copy of this mythical diamond. The challenge for him was as exciting as it was technically difficult to achieve. The challenge for us was huge: the copy made by Scott was to play the leading role in our film. The quality of Scott’s work was extraordinary. The curator of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris himself was taken with emotion when he saw the copy for the first time. The blue diamond of Louis XIV, that famous diamond that has gone through the centuries was living again!

Stéphane Bégoin, film director

I have been a gemologist for thirty-six years and have always enjoyed learning more about gems and jewelry. I was very lucky to have heard your presentation on the history of diamond cutting and to have seen your extraordinary display of synthetic cubic zirconia duplicates of the world’s famous historical diamonds. You unlocked my imagination and opened another door to the wonders and mysteries of diamonds. Your ability to recreate these gems and talk about them so eloquently was utterly fascinating. A collection of your re-creations will not only be a fine teaching tool throughout the industry, but a wonderful addition to any dealer’s or aficionado’s gem display. Thank you, Scott.

Carl Weimer, GG, CGA, AiSCV-AVS-GJV, Minneapolis Gemological Services, Minneapolis, MN

For somebody who deals with top collections and museums all the time, it takes a lot to impress me. Yet I say with great admiration that I have not encountered anybody else with such passion, knowledge, and love for historical diamonds than Scott. He is a true master of his craft and incomparable among his peers!

Tarun Adlakha, India

The beauty of your stone creations has brought joy into my life. For this, I thank you.

S.W., Los Angeles, CA

A few years back I bought replicas of the Dresden Green, Sancy, and Hope, and I still love all of them! Some weeks ago I was in Dresden and visited the Green Vault to see the green diamond – and I took my replica with me to take a pic of both. Looking at the replicas really connects you to the rich past of these stones with all their individual histories. And knowing that they come from the world-renowned specialist for cutting replicas of famous diamonds adds tremendously to the “aura” of the stones. Thanks again for your fantastic work!

F.B, Muenster, Germany

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