Tavernier Blue

The Tavernier Blue diamond no longer exists and has largely been overshadowed by the fame of diamonds cut from it—the French Blue and the Hope. However, you can count one of the largest blue diamonds ever unearthed to your collection with a cubic zirconia replica by The Stonecutter.


Tavernier Blue Specifications

Diamond Weight:

Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
115.16 modern carats (references to 112 carats are from the original manuscript that used old carats)
184.02 carats
32.89 x 27.65 x 12.92 mm
Gun metal blue
Approximately 115 modern carats
Golconda, India
Mid-1600’s (actual date in dispute)
Smithsonian (as the Hope diamond)

Specifications for the Tavernier Blue come from historical records provided by Jean Baptiste Tavernier himself and have been revised based on CAD modeling. Differences in recorded weights is typically the result of the switch from old carats (.2053 gm/carat) to modern carats (.2 gm/carat).

Tavernier Blue History

The Tavernier Blue has a relatively calm history before its first recutting into the French Blue 1671-1673. The diamond was found in the Kollur mine in India and acquired by famous gem dealer Jean Baptiste Tavernier. Tavernier sold the diamond to King Louis XIV of France in 1666.

It was on King Louis XIV’s orders that the Tavernier Blue diamond was first cut into the French Blue. Until this time, the Tavernier Blue was essentially a polished rough, featuring natural crystal faces as facets. This process is outlined in a paper The Stonecutter authored and published in the Fall 2009 issue of Gems and Gemology.

The Grandfather of Famous Diamonds

The Tavernier Blue was the single stone from which the French Blue and Hope diamond were cut. You can add the complete famous diamond triad to your precious gem collection with stunning replicas from The Stonecutter. Order the Tavernier Blue and its descendent stones online, and contact us for jeweler recommendations if you would like to set any of your stones in custom jewelry.

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