Although an historic stone found at the end of the 17th century and cut around 1700, the Regent is said to be one of the most perfectly cut stones. This cushion-cut diamond has been on display at The Louvre since 1877, but you can add this stunning stone to your collection with a precise replica from The Stonecutter.

Regent Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
140.64 carats
227.44 carats
30.50 x 28.90 x 20.30 mm
410 carats
Paritala-Kollur Mine, India
French Crown Jewels, Louvre, Paris

There are conflicting reports on the pavilion main culet angles, so to create an authentic replica, The Stonecutter used research and computer modeling to resolve the discrepancy. Given that in early table-cut diamonds, the reflection of the culet moves as pavilion angles change, stonecutter Scott Sucher was able to compare reflections in computer models against photographs of the Regent to find the angle measurements that most closely match the real stone. If you would like more details as to how the pavilion angles were resolved, please visit or contact us.

Regent Diamond History

The early history of the Regent is largely legend and rumor—the stone was found by a slave and stolen by a British sea captain. More authoritative details surface by 1701 when Thomas Pitt, Governor of St. George (India), acquired the stone from an Indian diamond merchant. The diamond was transported in Pitt’s son’s boot heel to England where it was cut by Harris.

Pitt sold the stone to the French Regent in 1717. In the hands of French royalty, the Regent was used in a number of ceremonial regalia, including the coronation crowns of Louis XV and XVI. The Regent was among the jewels stolen in the famed heist of 1792, but unlike the Bazu and the Mirror of Portugal, was recovered.

The Regent secured a number of loans to finance the military operations of the expanding French Empire. Once redeemed in 1801, Napoleon Bonaparte had it set into his sword. Upon his death in exile, Napoleon’s second wife returned to Austria with the Regent. Her father returned the stone to the French Crown Jewels.

Today, the Regent is valued at over $61 million

Call the Regent Diamond Your Own

For discriminating historic diamond collectors, the Regent, which was so prominent in the ceremonial and financial life of the French Empire, is an essential piece. The Stonecutter offers museum-quality replicas of the Regent diamond available at a price well below that of the original stone. Order online today and contact us for jeweler recommendations if you would like to set the stone in a custom jewelry piece.

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