Historic & Famous Diamond Replicas by The Stonecutter

Whether you want the discriminating flashiness to look like your favorite Hollywood starlet or want to create a collection of the finest stones unearthed, The Stonecutter has what you seek. Expert stonecutter Scott Sucher creates precise replicas of historic diamonds based on his own world-renowned research.

Selection of Authentic Replicas

The Stonecutter creates stunning cubic zirconia replicas of diamonds made famous by history and/or their historical wearers, including:

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About Cubic Zirconia Replicas

Cubic zirconia is used for the replicas as its optical properties closely simulate that of diamond. Unlike glass or other materials, replicas fabricated from cubic zirconia have nearly identical reflections and refractive properties as real diamonds, giving them that desirable sparkle. Cubic zirconia is denser than diamonds, so all replica weight is always higher than that of the original diamond.

Museum and Educational Replicas

The Stonecutter also creates replicas of famous diamonds on display in museums around the world, such as Hope, French Blue and Great Table. Scott has also developed his own Diamond Evolution Collection, featuring diamond cuts characteristic of each century to show their evolution throughout the ages.

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Museum-Quality Diamond Replicas by Scott Sucher

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