Florentine, Tavernier


Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
140.91 carats
216.42 carats
33.11 x 30.71 x 19.751 mm (derived from modeling)
Pale yellow
Golconda, India
About 1610


The Florentine is one of those elusive stones as the data for modeling was very difficult to pin down. There are six line drawings of different versions of the stone as described by different sources. Tavernier provided one of the earliest references to it in the 1600’s. Cletscher drew it in the early 1700’s from some unknown source, but it is a more rounded stone. Bauer around 1900 has his version. All three of these lived contemporaneously with the stone and may have viewed it first-hand (certainly Tavernier). Their facet patterns are similar, yet their outlines are different. The version offered here is patterned after careful study of Tavernier’s drawing from an original 1676 manuscript (an original had to be located as any copy could have been expanded/contracted and would have given inaccurate dimensions). More detail of the research process can be found at http://museumdiamonds.com/~scottsuc/index.php/florentine.html

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