Idol’s Eye


Triangular Old Mine Cut

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
70.21 carats
67.39 carats
26.1 x 24.53 x 13.43 mm
Light aqua blue
Early 1600's?
Private ownership


This stone is a very subtle light blue, plus it is a stunning stone, so It would be unfair not to offer it here in a colorless form. This diamond was offered at a Christie’s auction in 1865, its first authenticated appearance. It was probably mined in Golconda, India in the early 1600’s. Rumor says it was in the eye of an idol and stolen, finding its way to Europe in the 1700’s. Harry Levinson, a Chicago jeweler, was the last confirmed public owner. It is now privately owned, probably in the Middle or Far East. This replica is created from numerous sources, most notably Diamond Cuts in Historic Jewelry, 1381-1910, Herbert Tillander, 1995.

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