The Pasha diamond was once called the finest stone in the Egyptian collection. It was made more famous by its most famous wearer—jewelry collector and heiress to the Woolworth fortune, Barbara Hutton. You can add the Pasha to your famous diamond collection with a precise replica from The Stonecutter.


Pasha Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough: 
Date Found:  
Current Location:
44.3 carats
73.22 carats
23.5 x 23.5 x 10.81 mm
Unknown; either Brazil or India
Private collection

The dimensions listed are those of the original octagonal stone, the drawing from Dieulafait (1874) and dimensions from Bauer.

Pasha Diamond History

The approximate year or location of the Pasha diamond  discovery is unknown. The first appearance of the stone in recorded history is the acquisition of the diamond by Ibrahim Pasha of Turkey (although it is unclear if the stone was acquired during his 40-day reign as viceroy or earlier). The stone passed from father to son, Ismail Pasha (later known as Ismail the Magnificent), who was deposed in 1863 and sold the Pasha diamond to an Englishman after leaving Egypt.

The stone then disappeared but reappeared in the 1940’s when owned by King Farouk of Egypt, who then sold it to Bulgari. Bulgari, in turn, sold the stunning diamond to Barbara Hutton. Unhappy with the octagonal shape, Hutton had Cartier cut the diamond to a round brilliant stone, reducing its weight by 10%.

Expand Your Posh Collection

Barbara Hutton had the recut Pasha diamond set in a stunning ring. You can set the larger, uncut Pasha in your jewelry collection with a precise replica from The Stonecutter. Order your famous diamond replica online, and contact us for jeweler recommendations if you would like the stone set.

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