Diamond Replicas for Museum Display

The diamond replica work of The Stonecutter’s Scott Sucher was inspired by the quartz replica collection of the Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Arts in Elmhurst, Illinois. Today, The Stonecutter offers cubic zirconia replicas of famous diamonds to expand and enhance the displays of museums around the world.

What It Takes to Create Museum-Quality Replicas

Museums invest the utmost care to create exhibits that accurately capture the history and significance of the objects or time period on display. So when museums of natural history put together an exhibit of historic diamonds and other gems, the replicas of the historic stones they cannot acquire must be exact copies of the original stone—every facet and every angle, without exception.

The lack of information, presence of conflicting information and asymmetry of many historic stones make such precision a tall order. The Stonecutter is able to fulfill the demand because of the unrivaled quality of Scott’s historic diamond research and his cutting skill.

Diamond Replica Additions for Your Museum

The Stonecutter shares museums’ quest to expand appreciation of the scientific and artistic evolution of stonecutting and fine historic diamonds. We provide precise replicas of historic diamonds and diamond collections—including our exclusive Diamond Evolution Collection—to support museums’ educational and cultural enrichment efforts.

Museums can purchase any of our famous diamond replicas online. Please contact us to inquire about historic diamond replicas not listed in our product offerings.

Museum-Quality Diamond Replicas by Scott Sucher

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