Mirror of Portugal

The Mirror of Portugal has been owned by the kings of Portugal, Spain, England and France until 1792 when it, along with the Bazu, French Blue and Regent diamonds, were stolen from the Crown Jewels of France. Although the whereabouts of the Mirror of Portugal are unknown, a rediscovered long-lost lead model allows The Stonecutter to re-create this stunning square table cut diamond for inclusion in your personal collection.

Mirror of Portugal Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:  
Weight of Rough: 
Date Found: 
Current Location: 
26.07 carats
55.02 carats
17.89 x 16.73 x 10.98 mm
Golconda, India
Recut into Mazarin III, stolen 1792

Before its disappearance, the original stone was cut into the Mazarin III.

Mirror of Portugal Diamond History

There is scarcely any documentation on the Mirror of Portugal diamond. What is known about it comes from a lead model that was discovered next to the lead model of the French Blue diamond in the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris) in 2008. The dimensions of the model correlate to the Mirror of Portugal dimensions recorded in the 1691 inventory of the French Crown Jewels—i.e., before its cutting and its theft.

Reflections of the Mirror of Portugal for Your Collection

Although a large table cut diamond may seem to lack luster, the Mirror of Portugal’s parallel step-cut pavilion creates a “house of mirrors” effect that gives the appearance of significant depth. This piece lends sophistication to any historic diamond collection and would create a stunning focal point in any piece of jewelry. The Stonecutter offers the highest quality diamond replicas, available for order online. If you have questions or would like jeweler recommendations for setting the stone, please contact us.

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