Although the Krupp was famous before 1968, it gained notoriety being seen on the finger of Elizabeth Taylor who considered the ring her favorite piece of jewelry. In fact, after her death in 2011, the stone has been informally renamed the “Elizabeth Taylor diamond.” You can grace your finger with the same bling worn by Liz with a museum-quality replica from The Stonecutter.


Krupp Diamond Dimensions

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
33.19 carats
63.4 carats
21.77 x 18.74 x 10.18 mm
Unknown; prior to 1920’s
Private ownership

The Krupp diamond is an Asscher cut diamond that is believed to be internally flawless.

Krupp Diamond History

Very little is known about the Krupp diamond before 1967. Because the diamond features a culet facet, it was likely cut before the 1920s. It was owned by Vera Krupp, wife of a German industrialist, until her death in 1967 when Richard Burton purchased it at a New York auction. He presented it to Elizabeth Taylor as a gift in London. (Burton and Taylor together purchased the larger Taylor-Burton diamond in 1968, the replica of which is also available from The Stonecutter.)

Replicate Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond Collection

As one of her favorite pieces, the Krupp diamond became part of Elizabeth Taylor’s image. You can make it part of yours as well. The Stonecutter offers famous diamond replicas created to the most precise specifications. Order yours online today. Please contact us for jeweler recommendations if you would like your replica set in a ring, pendant or brooch.

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