Idol’s Eye

The Hope diamond is often famed as being the world’s largest blue diamond, but that distinction belongs to the Idol’s Eye. The very pale blue (almost colorless) CZ rough necessary for reproduction is not available so it is reproduced using colorless rough.  A replica of this eye-catching piece is a must-have for discriminating collectors, and The Stonecutter combines authoritative research and decades of skill to create the highest quality replicas available.

Idol’s Eye Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
70.21 carats
67.39 carats
26.1 x 24.53 x 13.43 mm
Light aqua blue
Early 1600's?
Private ownership

Idol’s Eye Diamond History

The early history of the Idol’s Eye diamond is shrouded in mystery. Some say that the stone was once the eye of an idol; some say that a Persian prince owned the diamond and lost it to the East India Company as part of a debt settlement. However, no historic records exist to authenticate either story.

The documented history of the Idol’s Eye begins in 1865 at a Christie’s auction where it was sold to “B.B.,” later identified as Abdul Hamid II, the 34th Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Since then, the Idol’s Eye has been owned by a Spanish nobleman, a Dutch diamond dealer, Harry Winston, Mrs. May Bonafils Stanton, famed Chicago jeweler Harry Levinson and Laurence Graff. Where the Idol’s Eye now resides is again a bit of a mystery. Some conjecture that Laurence Graff’s unknown buyer was President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, but since the Idol’s Eye was never found in President Marcos’ estate after his death, that cannot be confirmed. All that is known is that a private owner possesses the stone.

Enhance Your Personal Collection

Harry Winston had the Idol’s Eye set in a stunning necklace surrounded by round brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds. You, too, can grace your jewelry collection with this beautiful piece with a precise cubic zirconia replica from The Stonecutter. Order your replica online. If you wish to have the piece set, please contact us for jeweler recommendations.

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