The Unrivaled Quality of Our Historic Diamond Replicas

Famous diamond replicas from The Stonecutter are of the highest quality because the research invested before the cutting begins is unmatched by any craftsman. Scott Sucher has collaborated with internationally renowned institutions to conduct primary research to ensure the precision of his historic diamond replicas.

Quality of Historic Diamond Research

Stonecutting, like any industry, has peer-reviewed journals, authoritative publications and reliable resources, and Scott has consulted (and contributed to) them in the research he began for his own private collection of historic diamond replicas. However, in the process of creating some of his early replicas, he discovered conflicting reports and gaps in information. To resolve these issues, he had to go back to the original sources, which included consulting historic manuscripts (and translating them) and collaborating with international museums to handle, view and photograph lead and glass models, plaster casts and the famous diamonds themselves.

Scott’s quest to find the exact dimensions of historic diamonds have led to his recognition as an international expert on the subject. The same care he invests in research of each stone goes into the modeling and cutting of each replica, too.

Quality of Cutting Skill

Scott Sucher has been stonecutting for more than 40 years. He has created historic diamond replicas that are on display in museums around the world and have been fit into historic gem displays, like the original stand for the Koh-I-Noor (before re-cut) at Queen Victoria’s Great Exhibition of 1851. His cutting skill is virtually unrivaled.

Demand the Highest Quality Historic Diamond Replicas

Discriminating collectors and museum curators demand the highest quality diamond replicas, and only The Stonecutter offers them. The most popular historic diamond replicas are featured in our product offerings and available for online order. Other historic diamonds and custom stones may also be replicated. Please contact us to inquire about special orders.

Museum-Quality Diamond Replicas by Scott Sucher

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