French Blue

The Hope diamond is, perhaps, one of the most famous diamonds, the name “ringing a bell” even among non-collectors. But the Hope diamond was actually the product of another famous diamond—the French Blue (which, itself was cut from the Tavernier Blue). Although the French Blue was not technically recovered from the 1792 theft of the French Crown Jewels, you can recover this larger, rich blue stone for your collection with a precise replica from The Stonecutter.

French Blue Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
68.9 carats
106.91 carats
30.38 x 25.48 x 12.88 mm
~115 carats (cut from the Tavernier Blue diamond)
Golconda, India
Cut 1671-1673
Smithsonian (as the Hope diamond)

The Stonecutter’s French Blue replica is based on measurements provided by Brisson and a drawing of the stone as part of the Order of the Golden Fleece that does not include split facets along the girdle.

French Blue Diamond History

Before its disappearance in the 1792 looting of the crown jewels, the French Blue had a relatively uneventful history. Tavernier is believed to have acquired the stone by purchase during one of his six voyages to India. Upon its arrival in France, it was sold to King Louis XIV who had it cut by the court jeweler. The stone was set in gold and worn by the king for ceremonies. In 1749, King Louis XV commissioned the Order of the Golden Fleece, which also featured the Bazu.

Unlike the Regent, the French Blue was never recovered after the 1972 theft, at least not as it was. Twenty years and two days from the date of its disappearance, another stunning blue diamond was introduced—the Hope. In 2010, a team lead by expert stonecutter Scott Sucher definitively proved (using advanced modeling techniques) that the Hope could have been recut from the French Blue. This effort was summarized in the Discovery Channel program “Unsolved History: The Hope Diamond”. (2005). Further research definitively corroborated this finding as summarized in the National Geographic Channel’s “Secrets of the Hope Diamond” (2010).

Diamond Replica Triad

The Stonecutter allows discriminating collectors to expand their assets with a unique collection—replicas of the two famous stones derived from the Tavernier Blue. Recover the “lost” French Blue and its mysterious heir, the Hope, today. For jeweler recommendations to set any replica, please contact us.

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