Why Invest in Diamond Replicas

Museum-quality diamond replicas are for more than museums. Precise replicas of famous diamonds from The Stonecutter give individuals and organizations the opportunity to enhance their appreciation of natural history and the evolution of science and skill as well as their personal jewel collection.

Diamond Replicas Restore and Preserve History

There is only one Hope diamond, one Idol’s Eye, one Mirror of Portugal, etc. Many historic diamonds have been lost or stolen and never recovered. However, their legend—and more importantly, their descriptions—remain, allowing diamond replicas to restore what history has lost.

Precise diamond replicas allow more than one museum or individual to enjoy the beauty and appreciate the labor and skill invested in these stones. The Stonecutter’s exclusive Diamond Evolution Collection also allows you to appreciate the advances in science and human skill displayed through diamond cutting styles throughout the centuries.

Diamond Replicas Enhance Individual Assets

Everyone has their unique interests and hobbies. If yours is collecting rare and/or historic gems, you can enhance your collection with replicas of famous diamonds that are unavailable to private buyers (or out of your price range).

Although carat-for-carat, cubic zirconia’s value is notably less than that of a diamond, the skill invested in creating an exact replica significantly increases the value of the diamond replica, in turn increasing your personal assets.

Diamond Replicas Just for Fun

Many famous diamonds graced the crowns, necks and fingers of royalty and celebrities. While most people do not have the budgets to invest in real gemstones to rival their collections, diamond replicas allow you to get the bling to channel the glamour of the likes of Barbara Hutton and Elizabeth Taylor. If you want to make a statement at your favorite public function, wearing a famous diamond replica proclaims “I have arrived!”

How to Get Your Diamond Replicas

The Stonecutter offers a number of famous diamond replicas available for online order. Most orders can be fulfilled within days, although special orders can take several weeks depending on the complexity of the stone. Contact us to inquire about stones not listed in our product offerings or for recommendations of expert jewelers to set your stones in custom jewelry.

Museum-Quality Diamond Replicas by Scott Sucher

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