Beau Sancy

The Beau Sancy diamond, the “little brother” of the Sancy diamond, has been owned and worn by European royalty since 1589, making it one of the oldest famous diamonds. You can add the beauty of this stone to your collection with a museum-quality replica from The Stonecutter.

Beau Sancy Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
34.5 carats
67.39 carats
22.71 x 19.54 x 11.9 mm
Prior to 1589
Private ownership, Europe

Beau Sancy Diamond Features

The Beau Sancy is a unique pear-shaped diamond in that it is double-sided with a symmetrical crown and pavilion. Both sides feature a rose cut, resulting in the appearance of a small flower in the center of the stone.

Beau Sancy Diamond History

The Beau Sancy was found in India and brought to France by Ambassador Nicolas de Harlay, Lord of Sancy, for whom the stone is named. The stone was gifted to the queen of France, Marie de Medicis and was later acquired by the Dutch royal family—King William III and Queen Mary II—who passed it on to Frederick I of Prussia in 1701.

The diamond is currently privately owned by an anonymous buyer who acquired the stone for $9.57 million at a Sotheby’s auction in 2012.

Add the Beau Sancy to Your Diamond Collection

The Stonecutter creates Beau Sancy replicas based on the well-documented description provided by Bertrand Morel in The French Crown Jewels (1988). You can acquire this stone for your personal collection for less than you may imagine. Order your replica online or contact us with your questions.

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