The Bazu diamond is famous for its placement in an ornament called The Order of the Golden Fleece, created for Louis XV circa 1749. However, relatively little is known about the Bazu, including its real shape and dimensions. The Stonecutter’s Bazu replica uses a historical hexagonal line drawing to create a stunning colorless stone.

Diamond Specifications

Diamond Weight:
Replica Weight:
Weight of Rough:
Date Found:
Current Location:
32.62 carats
56.37 carats
17.78 x 17.78 x 12.68 mm
India or Brazil
Stolen in 1792, not recovered

Diamond History

The Bazu diamond was the second largest diamond after the French Blue set in The Order of the Golden Fleece, considered to be the most expensive single piece of jewelry in all of Europe at the time. The Bazu was stolen with many of the French Crown Jewels in 1792 and has never been recovered. All that remains of this historic diamond are two descriptions that do not agree.

Morel and Bari Bapst
Bazu shape Hexagonal Rounded square (carre arrondi)
Bazu weight 32.62 metric carats 3112/16 carats (32.62 metric carats)
Bazu color Colorless Light blue

The varying records are probably the result of two drawings of The Order of the Golden Fleece—one with a hexagonal stone, the other with a rounded square—but both of the drawings are likely design drawings, not documentation of the finished product. The Stonecutter offers the hexagonal form as it is colorless. The carre arrondi version (rounded square as translated from the 1791 inventory) is described as being a very pale blue and will become available when rough can be found.

Recreating the Bazu

Germaine Bapst provides a drawing of the hexagonal Bazu in Histoire des Joyaux de la Couronne (1889), but the drawing lacks detail about the pavilion depth and facet pattern. To create a replica, The Stonecutter made some educated guesses and used computer modeling and the depicted line drawings to duplicate the facet pattern and stone shape, sized to match the reported weight.

Grace Your Diamond Collection with a Bazu

The hexagonal Bazu diamond makes a stunning piece suitable for setting as a ring or pendant. The Stonecutter offers replicas of unmatched quality at a price you may not believe. Order your Bazu replica online, and contact us for jeweler recommendations to set the stone.

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