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Cubic Zirconia Replicas of Historic & Famous Diamonds by Scott Sucher

The diamond has captured our fascination, imagination and adoration for centuries. Even before DeBeers coined the phrase “A Diamond is Forever,” diamonds have been recognized as a symbol of eternal, flawless beauty. Diamonds have long been among the most valuable possessions of empires and their rulers, some of them still gracing crown jewel collections, some of them lost forever and only existing in the annals of history. The Stonecutter recovers what has been lost and makes accessible to discriminating collectors what crowns and private owners keep for their own.

The Stonecutter offers museum-quality cubic zirconia replicas of famous diamonds. The replicas are the product of both painstaking research and skill honed by decades of experience. Primary research and extensive computer modeling were required to discern accurate dimensions, facet angles, facet patterns and other details of several historic diamonds as existing records lacked information and/or authoritative sources contradicted one another. Expert skill is required to achieve the exact specifications to create a replica with the same appearance, brilliance and reflections as the original diamond.

The Stonecutter’s repertoire of famous diamond replicas includes:

Some of The Stonecutter’s replicas are of diamonds with mysterious pasts, such as the Bazu, Mirror of Portugal, Pasha and Spoonmaker, whose dates and locations of origin are unknown.

Many historic diamonds have been recut to suit changing tastes. The Stonecutter may create a replica of the historic or recut diamond (whichever version does not appear in our products) upon request.

Famous diamond replicas are a valuable addition to any gemological exhibit, and our exclusive Diamond Evolution Collection provides a stunning array that demonstrates advances in gem cutting technologies and changes in preferred styles throughout the past 800 years. Discriminating collectors can also revel in the attention that such eye-catching diamond replicas are certain to attract. Order your replica online, and contact us for specialty orders or for jeweler recommendations if you wish to have your replica set in custom jewelry.



All replicas are cut to the precise dimensions of the original diamond.
Since CZ is much more dense than diamond, replicas weigh about 1.7 times more than the original.
Price is based on the cubic zirconia weight.


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